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Thanks to recent advances in medicine, women now have a multitude of options when it comes to birth control. Many often seek out a contraceptive that possesses the most benefit to them, which can be based on a variety of factors. Those looking for a non-invasive contraceptive can select from the following choices. To select the one that is best suited to your needs, and those of your partner, you should consult with Dr. Nguyen. She has extensive experience providing contraception advice to women of all ages and can help you decide what option is best for you. Call (210) 599-4086 to schedule an appointment at our primary care office in Live Oak, TX today!

Birth Control Pills

As the most popular form of birth control in the United States, you are probably familiar with “the pill”. This type of contraception can not only help to prevent pregnancy, but can also reduce pain associated with regular menstrual cycles such as cramps, heavy bleeding and more.

It is extremely important to take your birth control pills exactly as directed. Any variance in timing of the pill or skipping a dose all together while sexually active will increase your chance of becoming pregnant.


It is advised for sexually active individuals to always utilize a condom during intercourse. These not only offer protection from pregnancy, but also from sexually transmitted diseases and infections.

Even if a woman is regularly using another form of birth control, it is still recommended for her male partner to wear a condom each time they have sex. This helps to further increase your already high odds of not becoming pregnant.

A Diaphragm

This method of birth control utilizes a flexible plastic barrier that has been custom fitted to you and your body. The diaphragm is manually inserted prior to intercourse, and is best to use along with spermicide.

One major benefit to using a diaphragm is that it is hormone free, which can be ideal for women who experience difficulties in controlling their hormone levels. In some cases, Dr. Nguyen may have already advised you to stay away from hormonal contraceptives, making this method an excellent candidate to consider.

Those that choose to use a diaphragm will need to be especially vigilant as these devices can often lead to frequent urinary tract infections or other health issues if not cleaned properly or often enough.

Transdermal Contraceptive Patch

The patch is another simple, non-invasive form of birth control that is both highly effective and pain free. Women using this patch will need to apply a new one each week for three weeks, and leave it off for the fourth week, during which time they will experience a regular menstruation cycle.

Progestin Hormone Shots

Hormone shots are an excellent option for women looking for a low maintenance contraceptive. These shots are only needed once every three months, though they do need to be administered by a medical professional. You can typically receive your shot from within Dr. Nguyen’s office.

Potential side effects associated with these shots include irregular bleeding and lowered bone density over long periods of use.

The Vaginal Ring

Similar to the patch, the vaginal birth control ring is meant to be inserted for three weeks and removed for the fourth so that the woman may complete her regular menstrual cycle. This ring allows for added convenience since it only requires maintenance once per month.

Those looking for more control over their period can also discuss this contraceptive option with Dr. Nguyen, since they may be able to continue utilizing a ring for a full month and skipping their cycle altogether.

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Birth Control Options in Live Oak, TX

Today, there are many options as it relates to birth control. To select the one that is best suited to your needs, and those of your partner, you should consult with Dr. Nguyen. Learn more about birth control options today.